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LIFE + Nature + Energy


My art is like my life... full of motion and energy. My style is fluid. My language is color. 


I try to portray my adoration for the beauty of our vast natural surroundings through vivid, energetic paintings.... a spectrum of expression... proof of when my dreams meet the natural world-  from tropical seascapes, to bright Alaskan sockeye splashing about.

Speaking of splashing...  ......WATER.


"Water is evident in nearly all of my works. Water is life. I paint life. I paint how I feel about it. Exposure to the marine world has made a profound impact on my artistic and life vision. Nurturing our oceans would have a dramatic impact on our planet's life. I'm enthralled with and strive to capture the brilliant essence of the marine world with paintings, hoping they serve as a catalyst, evoking greater passion for environmental awareness and conservation.... and vivid energy to LIVE!"


Alaskan grown daughter of artists, art has been a part of my life from birth. My exposure to painting began before I could speak. However, It wasn't until I survived a traumatic boating accident that I learned to use art (specifically painting) as a catalyst for healing... and later, as a way to share my passion for nature. I made it MINE!


Art, as my way of life, travels with me, as I now find myself surrounded by inspiration living in New Zealand. Many years were spent under midnight-sun-filled summers in interior Alaska. Winters were typically atypical. Wanderlust (or maybe seasonal migration instinct) carried me to about as many places as my art does. Usually flip flops were involved... possibly a sailboat... Two TOTS, a dig-wag, and the handsome hubby certainly play a role.... There's almost always a paintbrush nearby too. But life is FLUID... it's unexpected and EVER-Changing.... it's nature. I care about it, and...

It's going to end up on canvas.


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